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Many aspiring photographers may know of the podcast Full Time Photographer by Josh Rossi. Josh has interviewed some of the best photographers in all areas of photography. I was honored (read very nervous) when he asked to interview me on his show a few months ago. I’m not shy but I’m naturally a very quiet person, so it was a learning experience for me to expound on these ideas and talk for the full 20 minutes. I talked about how we expanded our business across the country, what we did to bring Nick on full time with me, and how we got business in a new market. You can listen to it here: I apologize in advance for my rapid words and mumbling sometimes (haha listeing back to it I can’t believe how fast I talked. I had to ask Nick if that’s how my voice normally sounds)! If you make it all the way through and if you relate in any way I’d love to hear your story in the comments!

You can listen to my interview here. Or subscribe to the podcast on itunes and hear some amazing advice from many other great photographers.

Maui Fine Art Wedding Photographer

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